The men’s choir was founded January 29 th 1988, counting 12 singers. Now the choir has some 40 members: former miners, retired miners, sons of miners and people who sympathise with the mining industry. They represent all layers of society.

After the mines closed, the choir was not only started to provide a meaningful pastime but also to keep the legendary miner’s solidarity alive. 

The choir’s goal is to disseminate the miner’s culture in the form of songs, texts and music. Especially in their miner’s uniforms, they look very authentic. It’s no wonder that they are frequent guests at festivities and events in Belgium and abroad. 

‘Het Genker Mijnwerkerskoor’ is the only choir composed of miners in the Benelux and in France. The choir performed numerous times, with a lot of success in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, France, England and Italy.

Historical recording of a performance in the underground of coalmine Beringen 1990.